To provide safe, fun, and competitive youth hockey to players in the Palmyra area.

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All rostered Pee Wee, Bantam, and Midget players are required to complete the Concussion Baseline Testing, no exceptions. This testing is optional for Mite and Squirt players, however, please note that ImPACT Test results for children under 10 years of age are not as consistent or reliable as for those who are older than age 10.

Whether injury occurs during a PBK event, school sport, or other incident, any player who is diagnosed with a concussion must follow all physician and ImPACT requirements, including ImPACT re-test, and provide PBK with a written copy of medical release by a licensed physician in order to return to play.

Baseline testing will be done using ImPACT - the most widely used and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system. This comprehensive program provides concussion management standards and accountability. With Coaches training and support from the Penn State Hershey Concussion Program and Dr. Harry P. Bramley, ImPACT will assist PBK with promoting the highest level of care and safe return to play for our athletes. For more information, please go to

PBK Player Testing must be completed by August 15th in order to continue practice and game participation for the remainder of the season.

When your player completes his/her baseline test, you must respond to your Team Manager with the player name and date of test completion. Team Managers are responsible for compiling this information and forwarding to the designated PBK Board member assigned to manage this program.

Please note: If your player completed an ImPACT baseline last season with PBK or another school program, please respond to your Team Manager with player name and approximate date of last year's test. You will receive a confirmation that your player does not need to redo the baseline test.

Thank you for your cooperation of this important Player Safety Policy!

Instructions for ImPACT Baseline Testing

Below are the instructions for taking the ImPACT Baseline Test.

If you do not have access to a computer with a mouse, please contact you team manager and you will be contacted to coordinate a date/time for your player to do the test on a laptop at KLA.

***The test needs to be completed in a quiet area with a computer that has an external mouse, and will take approximately 30-40 minutes. It's important to ensure that the testing area does not have any distractions. Focus is imperative.***

Please have your child take the test only 1 time.

To begin the test, do the following:

Open your internet browser and go to the PBK Baseline testing link

Enter Customer ID Code: TBD -- we will be receiving our value for the 2016/17 season shortly.

Click "Launch Baseline Test"

Select the language you would like to use for your child to complete the test

Read the information pertaining to the testing environment - quiet area with a computer that has an external mouse.

Click "OK"

Select the measuring option you would like to use to complete the health information section (it will ask for player's height and weight)

Click "Next"

Review the three (3) components of the test:

Sections 1 and 2 –Parent/Guardians must complete

Section 3 – Players must complete alone (without assistance from others)

Click "Next" to begin

The results to each individual test can be accessed by a PBK Club Administrator and the Penn State Concussion Program.  If your player sustains an injury and needs to be evaluated for a concussion, please contact PBK for a copy of your player's test results.

If you choose to follow up with the Penn State Concussion Program, please tell them that your son/daughter took the ImPACT baseline testing through PBK.

Thank you!